Is Golden Retriever Adoption Right for You?

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By Magdalena, Published on May 1, 2020

Is Golden Retriever Adoption Right for You?

10 Golden Retriever Adoption Questions to help your in your decision.

Adopting a golden retriever may well be the best thing you do for yourself and your family. These playful and friendly animals are typically good with children. Unlikely to bite and to quickly sound an alarm, they make excellent watchdogs. Golden retrievers are very intelligent and eager to please, making them easily trained breed. However, before beginning the adoption process, make sure this is the right breed for you.


1- Are you committed?

The life expectancy of a golden retriever is 10-12 years. Even if you are sure your new family member will fit perfectly into your life now, ask yourself if he or she will still have a place in your life a decade from now.

2- Are you allowed to have larger dogs?

Many local ordinances, neighborhood associations and landlords forbid pets. Some also place a size limit, such as only dogs under 15 inches. Regulations about barking are also common. While these dogs are not insistent barkers, they do require training to stay quiet.

3- Do you have enough space?

Golden retrievers are considered medium to large dogs, ranging from 60 to 80 pounds and reaching up to 24 inches in height. You will need to provide shelter and adequate living space.

4- Do you have enough time?

These are friendly, highly intelligent and active dogs. They need plenty of attention, exercise and mental stimulation. Although generally well behaved, good-nature animals will, like any other dog, act out when bored or feeling neglected. They also require regular grooming.

5- Can you afford it

An 80 pound dog eats a lot of food. You may be prepared for that, however many first time pet owners fail to prepare for the hidden expenses. In most communities there are adoption fees; licensing fees; there will be vet bills for spay/neuter, shots and checkups; and grooming products. You may need additional items (especially if you don’t have a dog) such as fencing, shelter, bedding, dishes, toys, vary large travel carrier or doggy door.

6- Do you have a ‘daycare’?

Sure you can leave a dog alone longer than a child, but only if you have the right accommodations. If your fur baby will be home alone while you work, he or she needs shelter from weather conditions, a pen to prevent roaming, access to adequate food and fresh water at all times, and access to the outdoors. A piddle pad isn’t practical at this size. Additionally, you will need a dog-sitter for any extended absence.

7- Do you have pets?

If so, are they friendly to strange dogs or puppies? Animals unfamiliar with each other may show aggression when first meeting. Even if your current pets and your new addition are all friendly , it’s best to have facilities to separate them (separate cages or pens) if need be.

Is Golden Retriever Adoption Right for You?

8- Are you prepared to clean up pet hair regularly?

As rather large dogs, with very long hair and frequent shedding, you can expect dog hair on your carpets and furniture if your golden retriever is indoors. You will probably want to keep a lint roller handy for your clothing as well.

9- Does anyone in your home have pet allergies?

For the same reasons listed above.

10- Do you want a puppy?

Golden Retrievers are exceptionally exuberant in the first year of life. They may require a great deal of time, patience and training. Additionally, puppies come with their own challenges such as chewing and housebreaking. However, puppies give you the opportunity to train your dog as you wish, besides being adorable and fun — especially for children. If you decide on an adult, there are a number of rescues specializing in golden retriever adoptions.