Golden retriever coat stages

Golden Retriever Grooming

By Magdalena, Published on Jul 17, 2019

Golden retriever coat stages

Do golden retrievers shed?

Golden retrievers are popular for their flowing and sunny coat. Still, Golden puppies are more fluffy than flowing. It will not take time for the puppy to grow feathers in his puppy fluff, which indicate a start of the full and long coat he will get growing up.

Stage 1: From Fluff to Fur

At around 3 months of age, most Golden puppies will start growing their feathers in their short, fluffy puppy coat. If the parents of the puppy grew adult coats later, it is more likely he will. The breeder has the best source of information concerning your puppy’s heritage. Ask the breeder for you to see your Puppy’s parents and find out at what age they were when they had their adult coats.

Stage 2: The coat transition

When the Golden retriever puppy is about 3 months old, you will see some long hair growing on his puppy’s tail. This stage indicates the start of feathering. Golden Retrievers have feathers on their tail, stomachs and on their legs. The dog’s tail is the starting point for the growth of the adult coat.

Gradually, the rest of the adult coat will grow throughout his body. The recent growth of hair will be slightly darker than the former light puppy fur.

The Golden Retriever puppy is different from other breeds because it does not shed his puppy fur. Rather, the puppy fur is pushed aside by the newer, longer and outer coat that grows in. The overall transition takes 18 months for completion.


The best time to start grooming your Golden retriever is when it is still a puppy. Since they are heavy shedders, the more you groom them the less hair you will find around your house. Make sure you always start by running a soft brush over your puppy’s body to get him used to it. It is advisable to brush in the direction that the hair grows. As your puppy grows, add these two tools to your collection: a pin brush and a rake. Brush him daily or at least twice a week. Getting rid of the loose hair from your Golden will allow new hair to grow in and reduce the flying fur in your clothing.

The Golden coat

Golden retrievers are double coated dogs. They are characterized by a thick, light-colored undercoat and a moderately rougher, darker outer coat. The environment of your dog will greatly affect the density or thickness of the coat.

As per nature, a dog that spends more time outdoors will have a thicker coat than a dog that spends all the time indoors. The body will regulate the amount of coat a dog needs according to the temperature changes.

Daylight is another factor that dictates seasonal shedding of indoor dogs. This is because such dogs do not experience the temperature changes that a dog who spends much time outdoors does.

The underlying reason for daylight contributing to seasonal shedding is that it stimulates hormones that bring about hair growth. In the spring and during the fall, indoor and outdoor dogs shed more hair.

Find the Best Undercoat rake for your golden retriever

A golden retriever rake is a very essential tool to have that specifically targets the undercover hair. The rake helps to easily detangle debris and loose hair that get messy over time when overlooked. It is crafted with a very wide head to make sure that you can cover large areas of the dog’s coat quickly.

Other brushes like the pin brush target the outer coat only. Therefore, it is important that you get a rake that is designed to reach the undercoat to get rid of dead and loose hair.

A rake has a big hefty looking grip with sharp pins that are built to penetrate the outer and target undercoat hairs. At the end of every sharp looking pin, there are rounded edges that sooth your dog while you clean it at the same time.

An ideal undercoat rake should have:-

  • Pins with rounded edges

  • Pins that are strong and durable

  • A handle with a good strong grip

  • A design that makes it easier to detangle undercoat hair

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