How much does a golden retriever puppy cost?

Golden Retriever Info

By Magdalena, Published on May 20, 2020

How much does a golden retriever puppy cost?

Golden retriever puppies

According to the American Kennel Club, golden retrievers are the third most popular dogs in the United States.
If you are thinking about getting this puppy, how much is this cute purebred going to cost you? We are going to look at the potential golden retriever price.

Golden Retriever puppies price

The low cost of breeding is approximately $15,828. Nevertheless, many breeders discover that they spend close to $7,744 to breed and take care of a litter of healthy pups. For the people aiming to show quality litters, it will be more costly. As a matter of fact, breeders who are raising show quality puppies will most likely spend more than $24,000 eventually.

Does going for a golden retriever puppy at a cheaper price mean that is more likely to have health issues?

This article will discuss the differences between expensive puppies VS low price puppies.
Puppies make up a huge part of the billion-dollar pet industry. Still, not everyone who owns a puppy knows about or even cares for responsible breeding practices. The puppy owners and their puppies pay the price in the long run.

Puppies brought up by irresponsible breeders will more likely deal with health and temperamental issues in the end. You might be directly paying less for a puppy but in the long term, you end up paying much more.

How can you keep off unworthy online sellers, puppy mills or backyard breeders?

How to check a golden retriever purity and quality?

Avoid uncertain sources

Professionals highly recommend doing sufficient research. Ask the seller to give out paperwork clearly indicating that their puppies have been screened and tested for critical health issues. It is prudent to always go through trustworthy breeders or rescue shelters.

It is good news knowing that not every breeder costs dearly. Rescuing a dog is another wonderful option if you want to save money, but you still want a healthy puppy. Breeders are normally more expensive than shelters but still, you may be able to get a puppy at a friendlier price.

What makes the difference between a higher cost golden retriever puppy and a lower coast golden retriever puppy is show quality. Almost all puppies bred for show will go for a higher price than puppies bred purely for companionship. However, do not worry if you choose a companion puppy over the show quality puppy; it does not mean sacrificing your puppy’s health.

The difference between a $3,000 show quality puppy and another that goes for $500 can be as insignificant as the color of the coat.
The overall cost of a golden retriever puppy depends on the breeder, the quality of the puppy as well as the breeds of the puppy’s parents. As mentioned previously, a golden retriever puppy from a shelter will be less expensive since their price ranges from $500 to $3000.

They are so cute

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How much does a dog cost per month on average?

If you are from the United states or Canada, it could be roughly around $65 to $125 a month. This is according to some of our fellow dog owners who were kind enough to answer this question. Please acknowledge that depending of your whereabouts, the price may variy or even be significantly lower.

What is the average cost to a vet visit for a golden retriever dog?

The average puppy vet costs can be around $30 to $500. Vitamins, dental care are usually around $100 per year, and preventative medication for fleas and heart worms are each around $30 per month. Those price does not included some other emergency treatments your pet may require. Price may varied according to your location (country, state, city).

Other recurring fees

There will be other recurring fees throughout the puppy’s lifetime just like any other pet. Besides the first Golden retriever price paid to a shelter or breeder, you will definitely be responsible for monthly costs to make sure the puppy is happy and healthy.
Some additional fees for raising a golden retriever puppy include costs of:

  • Vet visits and prescription
  • Grooming
  • Dog treats
  • Preventive medical care
  • Training, boarding or dog sitting
  • Dog food
  • Toys, bowls, crates, leashes, bedding and other supplies
  • Grooming
  • Miscellaneous

How much does it cost to buy a dog?

According to research conducted by the American Kennel Club, the total lifetime cost of raising a dog will depend on its size, age, and breed. Studies further indicate that smaller dogs have lower monthly costs, but they will later incur most money due to their ability to live longer. On the contrary, larger dogs cost more per month but they will generally cost less than other smaller dogs.

What is the lifetime cost of a dog?

Estimates show that the total lifetime cost when it comes to owning a dog ranges from $14, 480 and $15,782.
The first year of raising a puppy is the most expensive for dog owners because of the costs of preparing for a puppy, rescuing or purchasing your puppy, buying its bedding, food, toys and a lot more that is always included.

Golden retriever personality type

Golden retrievers are docile, calm, kind, trustworthy, reliable, confident, overly welcoming dogs and loving. These canines yearn for love and give love in return. Even though golden retrievers possess these innate characteristics, other factors like training, upbringing and early-socialization must also be considered and included in the molding of this breed’s personality.

The personality of the golden retriever is everything you will need from a close companion. One of their outstanding and likable qualities is their youthfulness vigor and playfulness. Other dogs will be very playful in their puppy years and somehow goofy before they attain maturity, but as they grow they become more reserved, lazy and calm.

The golden retriever puppies are considered as the ultimate puppies. Their enthusiasm and playfulness continue up until they are about 4 to 5 years of age. As they grow older until adulthood, they become naturally docile and a bundle of fun, joy and love. These pups are considered the best for a first time owner. However, this character trait of the golden retrievers is sometimes overlooked and therefore it will require some attention.

Can a golden retriever make a good family dog?

This breed is fantastic around young ones. They are brilliant enough to distinguish the size and frailty of little ones and adults. Most of the time, they are soft and compassionate to the point of treating young ones as their own offspring. Their elegance, adaptability, sheer companionship and playfulness are among the many reasons they are listed 3rd on the list of the most popular 155 dog breeds; effortlessly, they make the perfect family dog.

Golden Retriever with Kids

When Golden retrievers originate from a strong bloodline and when raised correctly, they make the best adventuring companions, children’s best friends and a priced addition to a loving family. There is little to say about their negative side. Although they have a slight prey-drive, they are hardly dignified, and almost never introverted.

Golden Retriever Temperament

Golden retrievers are often energetic, calm, collected and gentle animals. They are not the type of dogs that lash out, snap or challenge others. Quite the contrary, they take life as a collective social experience.
What wonderful animals golden retrievers are!