How to identify a pure golden retriever puppy

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By Magdalena, Published on Jun 7, 2020

How to identify a pure golden retriever puppy

Everything You Need to Know about golden puppies

For the first time golden retriever owners, they may not know a great deal about what a purebred really is. Therefore, many find themselves asking whether the Golden they have is genuinely a purebred.

There are many sings that indicate you own a purebred. First of all, proper documentation will prove that the purebred Golden puppy is the end product of selective breeding.

Another main characteristic of a purebred puppy is that it will cultivate the main behaviors and traits typical of the same breed.

Purebreds are bred for hundreds of years with the main purpose of complying with conformations and standards.

Growth and appearance of a pure Golden puppy

The growth and appearance of a pure Golden puppy are clearly showing that you will expect the puppy to turn out looking the same right from its temperament, color, size and the texture of its fur.

Interestingly, not every purebred dog has exactly the same temperament because of minor variances from one individual and another. However, they will mostly stick to the breed’s basic temperament.

Another common feature of purebred Golden Retriever lies in its price. To purchase a pure puppy, you are likely to pay a hefty price. The reason why they may be quite expensive is that breeders must cover lots of expenses. These major expenses include medical expenses, stud charges, vaccinations and food and they must be somewhat recovered.

Proper documentation for your dog

As mentioned on the onset, selective breeding of purebred dogs should be supported with proper documentation. The documentation is popularly known as the “papers”. A dog with papers means the puppy has been registered with a specific registry.

The most popular registry in the United States is the American Club (AKC) . Other well-known registries are the Canadian Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, and the Continental Kennel Club.

Puppy with ‘papers’

Moreover, a puppy with ‘papers’ simply means that it is already qualified for documentation since its parents have also been registered with any of the registries.

It is advisable to make a follow-up and register the puppy yourself by paying a fee and mailing out a registration application. Online registration can be done if you are planning to register with the American Kennel Club.

When a Golden puppy is older and has been registered already, the breeder must ensure you are given the registration certificate. At this point, it means the dog ownership is transferred to you officially.


A purebred Golden Retriever is accompanied by a ‘pedigree’. This is an indication of the puppy’s family tree or its ancestry.

A pedigree normally dates back at least four generations and it exhibits all the enrolled names of the puppy’s ancestor. Good breeders should know all of that by heart.

Another important factor to consider is that dogs with papers do not necessarily mean that a puppy is healthy or with a stable temperament. A Golden puppy with papers could mean that is a product of selective breeding from valid bloodlines. To find a reputable breeder, effectively
conduct adequate research and homework.

How long do golden retriever puppies sleep at night

Sleep is often overlooked when it comes to raising a healthy dog. Many owners go through tough times when it comes to sleeping habits of their Golden Retriever. A few helpful sleeping tips that handle such problems are highlighted below:

Importance of Sleep

Dogs tend to sleep a lot when they are idle. Human beings mostly sleep up to 8 hours, but Golden Retrievers can sleep longer than that. It is not surprising that they can even sleep in the middle of the morning just right after breakfast.

In addition, they can be somehow active for some time until lunch then sleep for some hours in the afternoon. They can also have dinner or be playful, then call it a night and sleep for 8 more hours and wake up in time for breakfast the next morning.

How much sleep do dogs need?

Golden Retrievers sleep for about 10 to 12 hours daily and spend the rest of the time just laying around. This is very normal for a full grown or a little pup, but it’s a little abnormal for an adolescent Golden who is supposed to be playful and active.

Each dog has its own routine that personally affects how long they sleep. For instance, some are quieter and calm, and some are more restless, while others are more calm and sleepy saving energy to spend it all at once whenever possible.

Sleeping tips for Golden Retrievers

Choose a sleeping area for your Golden Retriever:

First, establish a sleeping place for your dog on the first night whether it is a grown dog or a new puppy. It can be a crate or a kennel, as long as it is an elevated area with a nice blanket on it.

As much as it calls for a nice and comfortable sleeping area, also train your dog to go to its sleeping place willingly. Your dog will eventually be more inclined to sleep on the prepared place and not on the floor.

Don't do this to your dog.

Never pick up your dog to get it to its sleeping space, because it will bring out a false association that the sleeping space is a bad experience to have.

It is important to allow the dog to get used to his sleeping place before it can join you in bed. If you can keep off from sharing your bed with your dog, the better it is since he will be more reliable on its own and you will not have to regularly clean your bed.

Place toys or treats on his sleeping area when needed and make sure it has enough good exercise, water and food for it to easily adjust to his new sleeping place.

Making your Golden Retriever Sleep at Night

Adequate exercise is very necessary because it will reinforce the dog’s need to rest and sleep long enough. For the most part, this method will work on a very active golden Retriever.

Ensure you are not over-exercising your dog if you notice that he has had enough exercise, stop and call it a night.