What are the different types of golden retrievers

Golden Retriever Info

By Magdalena, Published on Jun 7, 2020

What are the different types of golden retrievers

Golden retriever puppies are so cute, it feels like love at first sight! This is one of the many reasons why this breed is among the favorites in the United States.

It is evident that Goldens are one of the most adorable and easy-to-train breeds of dog across the country; a perfect buddy for the family. Golden retrievers come in various colors.

They have many shades of golden but in this article, we will consider only three shades namely the White golden retriever, the Red golden retriever
and the Black golden.

White Golden Retrievers

White Golden Retriever| goldenretrieverworld.com

White Golden Retriever | Black Golden retriever | goldenretrieverworld.com

White Golden Retriever | goldenretrieverworld.com

You will be surprised to discover the coat of the white Golden retriever is not pure white. This variety appears to have lighter-colored coats. It is somewhat an extremely pale shade of cream that appears to be white in some lighting conditions. In general, the white golden is commonly
referred to as the English Cream Golden Retriever.

Most people think that this golden may be a brand-new dog breed. Nevertheless, this specific breed is a purebred dog just like the others with golden shades and it is part of the larger breed family. This coat color is very trendy with pet owners.

Golden retriever puppies may come out as almost close to pure white, but as they grow to maturity, you might notice some hues of cream or gold appearing in the coat. There should be no worries, since the white golden is just as healthy and normal like the rest of the golden breeds carrying other coat colors.

The color range exists depending on the type of breed. For instance, the shade of an acknowledged Golden retriever coat colors differs in the American breed standard, as set out by the American Kennel Club.

The same applies to the standards set by the United Kennel Club concerning the English breed standard. Notably, white Golden Retriever puppies or the English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are not popular as much in the United States, but it does not mean they are rare to find. The dogs are more likely to spot all over the United Kingdom.

Black golden retrievers

Black Golden Retriever  | goldenretrieverworld.com

Black Golden Retriever | goldenretrieverworld.com

Of late, the love and interest shown for the black Golden retrievers have tremendously increased. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how do Black Golden retrievers even exist? Are they the same as the other types of goldens? How do they look? Well, let’s find out!

Black Golden Retrievers are a variety of traditional Golden retriever dogs. They have similar characteristics apart from the fact black Goldens have the classic midnight shade. However, they should not be confused with flat-coated retrievers, which feature a long and wavy coat. Their coat is not as thick as the black golden Retrievers.

The black golden retriever can likewise live up to its average lifespan of 12 or 13 years with a height of 23 to 24 inches and a weight of 70 to 76 pounds. Its physical properties are primarily the same as the other traditional golden retrievers, apart from the color and other slight differences.

Black Goldens have the same disposition as the traditional golden. They are goofy, affectionate, friendly and lovely little companions in your home.

Other golden retrievers call for regular and numerous exercises. For example, the enjoy swimming; they cannot get enough of it. The black golden also enjoy playing the fetch game at the beach or at the lakeside. They have a tropical traveling nature as well.

The same applies to the black golden retrievers. The black golden retriever is always full of love. It is recommendable to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. When they have not engaged actively in the manner of exercises, games and playtime, they become bored and get agitated at times.

In case you have a moody dog, the bad mood will result in a messy room or messed up a pair of sneakers; therefore, always make sure your dog is healthy and happy.

Red Golden Retrievers

Red Golden Retriever  | goldenretrieverworld.com

Red Golden Retriever | goldenretrieverworld.com

The color Red stands out. This is the most striking golden with memorable coat color. The coat of the Red Golden Retriever is much shorter and straighter, with less feathering on its tail and limbs. Its appearance is more packed and streamlined.

Just as the black Golden retriever, the red Golden is not eligible for competition or exhibition in the show ring. Yet, this dog is much a purebred Golden Retriever like all the rest.

A red golden retrievers is a perfect choice for competitions in canine athletics. In addition, it is a working dog that you can herd or hunt with.
About its physical appearance, it is a large and powerful dog with an athletic build.

Because of its apparent red hue, most of the times they are mistaken for an Irish setter. The dark red color ranges from a deep rusty shade to a bright vibrant red color. They also have thick fur coats, which are long and tapered to the ends of the body.

The average weight of a red golden retriever ranges from 65 to 75 pounds and it stands between 22 and 24 inches. Their double-layered fur coats keep them warm in adverse climate conditions. The outer layer of fur is water repellent.

Red golden Retriever Temperament

Some of the qualities that make this particular breed very adorable are their devotion, intelligence and fun-loving nature. Being calm and trustworthy, red goldens are not likely to be unpredictable and unreliable under any situation.

Their body language and expressive faces are easy to interpret. They are extremely careful and gentle with children and they also take pleasure in human company.

Red golden retrievers can get along well with other dogs when they are out on walks and are also inclined to make friends with strangers. Moreover, they love to entertain with their ability to be goofy with a mischievous streak.

The only disadvantage of Red goldens is that they excessively enjoy a lot of attention. They are attention seekers. Sometimes, this quality makes them look quite needy and whenever they are ignored, they become sulky.

Red golden retriever Intelligence

Red golden Retriever are apparently less sociable but more intelligent than the other breeds of golden retrievers. Their high level of intelligence makes them understand and be aware of their surroundings.

As a result, they are adaptable to both city and country living. Their inborn intellect makes them better candidates for roles such as drug and bomb detection work, search and rescue dogs, and assistance and therapy dogs.

If you need a buddy for hiking or running, look no further; the red golden can be your new best friend!