Why do golden retrievers paw their owners?

Golden Retriever Behavior

By Magdalena, Published on May 1, 2020

Why do golden retrievers paw their owners?

One of the many behaviors you’re able to notice quite frequently as a Golden retriever owner is the way they paw your arm or your feet. Sometimes, you could be working at your desk or just relaxing then all of a sudden, your dog starts to paw you.

Most owners will always interpret pawing that the dog wants something. Would you like to know why Golden Retrievers paw their owners? This article will help us find out some of the reasons why.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Put Their Paw On You?


golden retriever behavior

In general, Golden retrievers are popular for their high energy levels. They really like jumping up and down and everywhere, and they absolutely enjoy spending time with their owners. Nothing beats that!

The body language of your Golden Retriever will help you understand whether he is sad or happy. Still, when they start to paw you, it can be a bit challenging trying to figure it out. The obvious thing that comes to mind is, your dog is pawing probably because he wants something, but that something can be quite a number of things.

Golden retriever behavior

The number one reason why your dog is pawing you is that he needs social interaction with you. When your dog paws you, your attention is drawn away from what you were previously doing. Therefore, your focus and attention are directed towards him and you get to interact together. When this happens, it is advisable to give your dog attention because he may want your love or just to play with you. A Golden Retriever can also paw your hand when you have something he wants.

A Golden Retriever may paw your arm when you are holding a tennis ball that he wants to chew on or when you are eating something. The moment he paws you when you have something in your hands, the item gets closer to his face. It is prudent to be watchful for other factors when your dog paws you. Pay attention to the time, and be aware of what your dog is used to as well.

Understand your Golden body language

Sometimes, your dog paws you when he needs your assistance. For example, your Golden Retriever may be hungry around dinner time or he may be asking for a short walk afterward because this the routine you and your dog have created. Always remember that the way your dog communicates with you is by body language.

Almost every part of your dog’s body will display their troubles, emotions and needs. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to determine what is going on and what your dog is trying to tell you. Your dog may paw you because he wants your attention, while your neighbor’s dog may paw to show that he wants to be petted.

As much as pawing is a way of communication, a dog owner must make sure the behavior must not get out of hand. It is a normal trait for a dog to paw when in need of attention or something else. However, this is where it becomes annoying and problematic; when it puts his paws all over you. If that becomes a habit, he may think that he is in charge. You do not want to allow or reward this behavior. If this is the case, you need to tell your dog to stop. Your dog may also do that to get more of what he is getting.

Golden retriever personality type

Golden retrievers are absolutely lovable in everything they do, but they need guidance. It is important for a pet owner to show the dog there will be no rewards for their pawing. If they need attention at the wrong time or when you cannot give it to him, let it be clear to him so that next time, he will learn how to entertain himself. All dogs know how to react well to positive reinforcement, so they will listen to you when you set rules because you are their alpha leader. It is up to the owner to decode which behaviors to allow and also implement rules with the ones that are not allowed.

Are Golden Retrievers smart?

Most people would want to know. Well, they are known to be the fourth smartest dog breeds in the world after Border Collies, poodles and German shepherds in that order. There are many incidents of Golden retrievers rescuing their owners in dangerous or difficult situations thanks to its intelligence.

Can golden retrievers be guard dogs?

Golden retrievers are protective. They are mostly gentle, non-aggressive and fun-loving kind of dogs. They make bad guard dogs for that matter. However, in case they sense any danger, they go into defensive mode almost immediately.

Golden retrievers are nice pets because they are very intelligent and always look for ways to please their owners and make them happy. These pets make sure you are having a good time when they are around.

With proper training, they enthusiastically and willingly obey your commands. Furthermore, they will always be there for you in happy or sad times when you need them.

Are golden retrievers friendly ?

They are super friendly and well-meaning, so they will allow you to be close and they will be your best friend. They also do not get angry. Their easy-going personality of theirs is something that you and your family will very much appreciate.

Are golden retrievers loyal?

They are fiercely loyal to their own masters or owners. This is an instinct they learn from their surrounding they were bred in for.

When you spend adequate time with your Golden retriever, whether he is in the workforce or just a pet at home, you will be able to forge a bond. A bond where you and your dog both benefit from and as a result, the dog will be loyal to you.

Their loyalty will move them to rescue their owners out of risky situations. Another display of loyalty from Golden Retrievers is how they bark at strangers, though they will not be aggressive since it is not their nature.